Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Been Awhile...2012 in Review!

Hunter is two and we have a new member in the family so I figure it is time for me to pick blogging back up in all my free time! 

In an effort to play catch up from the last year and start blogging about this year, I am going to give the highlights of 2012 and then commit to do the photo a day idea for 2013 starting today, January 4th.  I will give the disclaimer for those that follow this blog that I won't be posting those pictures on a daily goal is to get on and post once a month but I will at least have pictures saved and ready to add when I find that open moment of time to blog.

So here are the highlights in no particular order because let's face it there is NO way I can remember when each of these things took place!

1)  Hunter finally started to walk sometime close to the new year.  We figure he was a bit of a late bloomer in this area because majority of the creatures in our house walk on all fours and when he did stand up on his own he was having to contend with three 70 lb or more boxers.

2)  Joe took a new job with a small company as the Vice President of sales. He is still a road warrior so we definitely take advantage of our weekends as a family.  I am still with the same company for my fourth year as an education consultant, traveling at least one day a week. 

3)  In March, we found out we were expecting our second baby on my Grandmother's 90 birthday.

4)  On June 11 (my Grandfather's birthday), we found out the second baby was going to be a little girl! 

5)  In May we went to my cousin Morgan's wedding in Reno and decided that we were going to changed our little girl's name from what we had always thought we were going to name her. Our new name for her: Avery Ann.

6) Hunter started day school at Custer Road United Methodist Church two days a week.  He definitely LOVES it even though it has been a fall of building his immune system so a whole lot of Kleenex and vapor rub has been used at our house. 

7)  At the end of October my Grandmother moved down to McKinney from OKC.  It is SO wonderful to have her so close to us!

8)  On November 24th, Miss Avery Ann decided she was going to make her appearance a couple of days before I was scheduled to be induced. 

I am sure there were more things that could/should be on this list but at 9:30 at night after five weeks of little sleep due to having a newborn these are the ones that stick out in my mind.  

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