Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Big pictures!

Many of our closest friends and relatives joined us to celebrate our little man on Saturday, September 10th.  Our theme was Mickey Mouse Club and it was the perfect party!

The most important guest of all, Great-Grandma Priebe

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. One-derful!

Dear Hunter,

We made it!!!! You are officially one year old today!!!  This hasn't been the easiest year on record but it has definitely been the BEST!  You have added so much to our lives that we didn't even know was possible.  Your personality continues to come through on a daily basis.  You are definitely a good mix of your father and mother at this point and I'll be interested to see if this continues as you get older.  You are such a fun-loving little man who just really seems to enjoy your time here.  You seem like an old soul that has already seen so much but isn't afraid to take in all the beautiful things around you.  I love to watch you figure things out.  You definitely have an attention to detail but if you don't figure something out in the first couple of tries you are very much like your Momma and you share your frustration with everyone around you.  You love to laugh and your full belly laughs win over everyone in the room!  Hugs are most definitely your specialty! I think the best hugs are always give to your Daddy when he comes home after a long work week on the road.  You make us want to be better people everyday and our hope is that we are doing what is best for you with all of our decisions.  We love you, Hunter! 

Food: Stouffer's Swedish Meatballs and Mandarin Oranges
TV Show: Mickey Mouse Club
Toy: Anything that makes music
Pet:  Toss up between Roxi and Tank
Book: Polar Babies
Song: Chasing Cars (happens to be the song that you go to sleep to for naps and night time)
Time of Day: Morning (specifically right when you get up)
Activity: Running around in your 'car' outside

Friday, September 2, 2011

One week from today....

Joe and I will be the parents of an official one year old little boy!!! I am absolutely blown away by the fact that our little man has already been with us for a year.  It just does not seem possible at all!  He has such a sweet personality and is definitely a mama's boy.  He melts our hearts and has made our life complete!

Our last picture before heading to the hospital to welcome Hunter into our world!