Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The only thing constant in life is change!

 Well, then hold on because we are in for more change yet again at the Armstrong house.  It is safe to say that Joe and I are not like most in that we really do embrace change.  We live our lives with an open mind and are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our marriage, our careers, and now our family.  We have both had various jobs since graduating from OSU and each one has only built upon the other and been a positive step towards our future.  Currently, we are both in our most challenging and rewarding careers yet and that is where the change is coming!

I have been with the same company for the last two years.  The first year I was a road warrior, last year I had the pleasure of staying local and my primary focus was being a mom, and now this year I will be somewhere in the middle of that road.  I am beyond excited about my professional opportunity this year but to say I am not a bit nervous about having to travel and spend a significant amount of time away from Hunter each week I would be lying.

The other big change comes in who is going to watch Hunter.  My mom was so gracious and wonderful and was the primary caretaker for Hunter when I had to work and Joe was out of town which definitely allowed me to breath easier.  We have a great potential nanny in mind but she has been out of the country for a while so we haven't had a chance to sit down to find out if it is really going to work out for everyone involved.  I know that if she is able to come on board and help out that Hunter will be in good hands but at the same time I know that I will wish it was me spending that time with him instead.

Even though I welcome change this one feels a bit different and I know it has everything to do with Hunter.  I never thought I would be a mommy, let alone love this new role more than anything in the world, so this is definitely foreign territory for me.  I know that I am not the type of person to stay home full time and in all honesty even though I will be traveling some I get to do most of my work from my home which is fantastic.  I know my nerves stem from my own obsession with being the best I can be at whatever it is I sign up to do and trying to figure out what that is going to look like during this upcoming school year!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

11 Months!

This just absolutely does not seem possible!  How in the heck has it almost been a year since we welcomed Hunter into our lives?!?!?!

Hunter continues to amaze me on a daily basis and my love for him grows stronger each day! Someone recently asked me to describe him and I said he is just a sweet, loving little boy which seems to sum him up perfectly! He loves to give 'cuddles' and 'sugar' and unless he is teething, is tired or hungry the boy is just plain happy!

New this month:
Hunter has started to put his feet down more when he is standing and moving from table to couch and vice versa with more ease. He absolutely LOVES eating and is interested in trying everything we are eating. He definitely has a temper and has started letting us know when we take away something that he feels is rightfully his. He has started wringing his hands together when he is nervous or unsure about someone or something.  I am anxious to see if this is a trait that will stay with him or something he will eventually outgrow on his own.He started on whole milk for most of his bottle feedings so that way we can begin to ween him from nursing.  He has fully recognized that he can make us laugh and he LOVES doing all he can to make it happen.

I think we have said it every month but I'll say it again, we are so blessed to have Hunter in our lives!