Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break Down on the Farm

We decided to take advantage of Spring Break and Hunter and I traveled with Daddy!  Of course, it was only down to the farm to visit Mama Nelle but at this point that is a vacation in of itself!

We spent a lot of time outdoors!

Got to pet the farm horse, Thunder.

Went out hog hunting!

Just enjoyed living the country life!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Six Months

Hard to believe that half a year has already passed with Hunter in our lives!  He is such a happy, cuddly, lovable, adorable baby boy!!

Mama Brags:  Hunter cut his first two teeth about three weeks ago.  He rolls both ways without any trouble.  He can scoot around the floor but hasn't quite figured out how to crawl just yet!  (I can say that I am not pushing the crawling because I realize that my life as I know it will definitely be over once crawling has been mastered.) He thinks coughing is A LOT of fun as an additional noise.  He can sit unassisted for extended periods of time.  He wakes up every morning with the sweetest smile and sounds.  He isn't perfect but he sure is the closest thing I know!