Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Top Twelve

Building off the Twelve Days of Christmas, here's the top twelve events in December:

Twelve nights where Hunter slept for at least six hours straight!  (Don't ask about the other 19!!)

Eleven weeks of little sleep but unbelievable amounts of love!

Ten perfect little toes!

Nine presents under the tree from Santa!

Eight of Santa's Helpers with one very cute, tiny reindeer!

Seven minutes before our dogs realized that it really was their baby inside that reindeer suit!

Six road trips: McKinney to Bryan, Bryan to San Antonio, San Antonio back to Bryan, Bryan to McKinney, McKinney to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City to McKinney

Five hours with our MOH, Liz Freuen, in Oklahoma City.
                                           (picture taken by Liz)

Four days with cousins Monica, Stephen, Josh and Mama Nelle down at the farm as well as Christmas night at home.

Hunter rolling over on his three month birthday!

Spending the last two weeks of the year together as a family with no interference from work!

One cute giggle!